New York, NY (February 23, 2016)—Engineer Stephen Davies at HOBO in New York City helped add tension to Investigation Discovery’s new original series Evil Lives Here through the audio mix and sound design.

Evil Lives Here explores the true stories of people who shared a home and a life with a loved one who would later become a killer. The premiere of the hour-long show, created by long-time HOBO client Red Marble Media, has given Investigation Discovery channel its best ratings ever for a series debut. The series airs Sunday nights at 10pm.


“This was the opposite of your typical TV audio mix,” Howard Bowler, HOBO’s president, said of the company’s approach to the project. “We treated it more like an indie doc where we put the focus on the story and the dialogue. This allowed our engineers to create an unsettling mood—a mood that makes the sound of our shows stand apart from others in the true crime niche.”

In the series, through interviews, archival footage and dramatic reenactments, families reveal that the person they loved has a very dark side. Communicating that atmosphere sonically fell to Davies and HOBO engineer Diego Jimenez, who sound designed the show open.  

Davies notes that he and Red Marble Media wanted the audio to feel intimate: “For me the key to the project was focusing on the sound of the subject’s voice and finding that sweet spot where the level of the music enhances the mood rather than pushes it. It’s easy to let the music drive or overtake a mix, but for this series. it was important to keep the focus on the story and not let the mix get cluttered. These are compelling narratives, and the mix and sound design needed to convey these stories in a direct way.”