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Jeff Anama, also known by the artist name Inspirade, is a music producer from Los Angeles. With his roots planted on the West Coast, Inspirade stays true to the laid back California vibe. At a young age where he first learned to play the piano and guitar, and over the course of his teenage life, Inspirade's relationship with music began to sprout. From late night acoustic jam sessions, to performing covers at family celebrations, playing music proved to be his best and favorite hobby.

It wasn't until the beginning of 2013 where Inspirade started to dig into the art of production and create original content. Infusing a combination of acoustic and electronic elements, Inspirade's sound teleports listeners to another dimension. Bouncy drumbeats, fat-funky basslines, and smooth swelling chordal rhythms mix together to form sweet, groovy ear candy. With passion to pump happy vibes through people's speakers, Inspirade wants to bring that soulful energy to the stage and into the hearts of those who seek an escape through music.

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