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Kenneth Aiken a.k.a. Silvastream


Growing up in South Central L.A. more than a decade ago, few people would have believed that Kenneth Aiken, a kid who panhandled on Hollywood Boulevard, in and out of juvenile hall… would become the down-to-earth song-maker of the sweet hip hop sounds of Silvastream, dedicated to smoothing out the harsh and bitter rap of a generation.  But that is precisely who Silvastream is…and much more.

Silvastream today has a number of innovative songs, songs of positivity that include “Moving Circles,” which hit #42 on the Cash Box Hip Hop and R&B chart right alongside Janet Jackson, Chris Brown and Rihanna.  About to release his second EP, to be followed by his first album, Silvastream has his own team of music production professionals, including an entertainment lawyer, mastering engineer, a Canadian distribution company, and even a personal barber.  It did not, however, come easily.  He is proud to say that he did it all himself—it couldn’t have been any other way.  With his background, no one was going to do it for him.  He was determined to be a successful hip hop singer-songwriter-musician, to set an example for others, and to straighten up and smooth out a culture gone hateful and self-destructive with music gone astray.

Silvastream started making beats when he was a young teenager – he laughs when he recalls that Lil John was his inspiration at that time.   When he realized it wasn’t as easy as he thought, he almost gave up on it but he learned the beat at Washington Prep High School and has developed and refined his craft ever since.   But before he took the road to professional success, independence and innovation, he had to deal with detours in reality.  In particular, at the age of 18, he began a 5-year jail term for selling $5 worth of dope.

In jail, everyone made fun of him, a gangly 6’7” tall teenager who rapped and rapped.  They said he was ugly and a lousy singer, but Silvastream knew better.  The experience hardened his resolve.  With perseverance, he would find audiences who appreciated his message and his talent.

Silvastream takes the positives in his life and re-shapes the negatives.  (Says Silvastream, “The harder it is, the better you’re going to get.”)  His bad home-life had led to one of the most positive experiences in his early life: being sent into foster care, to be adopted by his loving grandmother.  When faced with the choice of taking a basketball scholarship or studying music at the L.A. Recording School, it forced him to commit all his focus to one goal… and it was definitively music.

The rough roads have smoothed a bit, largely from good fortune mixed with the willingness never to give up, turning bad into good through sheer force of confidence and effort.  Through his manager, Carlos Nasri, and their production team, Silvastream is offering audiences an innovative sound that promises to change the hip hop landscape, filling it with talk about happiness and love (not sex glorified, but only beautiful love) and joy, and integrity. 

Currently recording at Paramount in Hollywood, he is about to release his second EP, which will showcase the sound of Silvastream in all its richness and beauty—hip hop and song, with a flavor of R&B like no one has heard in a long time.  It includes his premier video of “What You Want,” along with powerful versions of his greatest creations, such as “Moving Circles,” “Don’t trip,” and “Down to Earth.”  He is also talking to people about music placements in film, and digital distribution to Las Vegas and as far away as Australia, and he’s gearing up for a College radio campaign.

Always pursuing excellence, Silvastream is completing his degree in recording arts, and committed as ever to spreading positivity, sweetness and love. 

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